awk examples

  • precede each line by line number
awk '{print NR, $0}' filename
  • replace first field by line number
awk '{$1=NR; print}' filename
  • print field 1 and field 2
awk '{print $1,$2}' fielname
  • print last field
awk '{print $NF}' filename
  • print non empty lines
awk 'NF>0{print $0}' filename
  • print if more than 4 fields
awk 'NF>4{print $0}' filename
  • print matching lines (egrep)
awk '/test.*/{print $0}'  filename
  • print lines where first field matches
awk '$1 ~ /^print.*/{print $0}' filename
  • calcuting sum of field 2
awk 'BEGIN{sum=0}{sum+=$2}END{print sum}' filename
  • for loop
awk '{sum=0; for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)sum+=$i; print sum}' filename
  • make arrays
awk '{n = split($0, array); print array[1], array[3]} ' filename 
  • reverse a file
awk '{x[NR]=$0} END{for(i=NR;i>0;i--)print x[i]}' filename 
  • Associative Arrays
awk '{amount[$1]=$2} END{for(name in amount) print name, amount[name]}' filename
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