Kubernetes v1.5.0 release

Update on 2016.12.14: Due to a serious security problem, kubernetes v1.5.0 is not recommanded. Kubernetes v1.5.1 has just released, so we should upgrade to v1.5.1 directly. The --anonymous-auth= flag in v1.5.0 is true by default (which may result in any users being able to access kubernetes API), but v1.5.1 turns it to false. Kubernetes v1.5.0 StatefulSets (ex-PetSets) StatefulSets are beta now (fixes and stabilization) Improved Federation Support New command: kubefed DaemonSets Deployments ConfigMaps Simplified Cluster Deployment Improvements to kubeadm HA Setup for Master Node Robustness and Extensibility Windows Server Container support CRI for pluggable container runtimes kubelet API supports authentication and authorization Features Features for this release were tracked via the use of the kubernetes/features issues repo.

Weekly reading list

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Weekly reading list

分布式后台毫秒服务引擎 腾讯QQ团队于12月4日开源了一个服务开发运营框架,叫做毫秒服务引擎(Mass Service Engine in Cluster,MSEC),它集R

Setup hyperd with flannel network

Flannel Flannel is a virtual network that gives a subnet to each host for use with container runtimes. Platforms like Google’s Kubernetes assume that each container (pod) has a unique, routable IP inside the cluster. The advantage of this model is that it reduces the complexity of doing port mapping. flannel runs an agent, flanneld, on each host and is responsible for allocating a subnet lease out of a preconfigured address space.

Play with docker v1.12

[TOC] Docker v1.12 brings in its integrated orchestration into docker engine. Starting with Docker 1.12, we have added features to the core Docker Engine to make multi-host and multi-container orchestration easy. We’ve added new API objects, like Service and Node, that will let you use the Docker API to deploy and manage apps on a group of Docker Engines called a swarm. With Docker 1.12, the best way to orchestrate Docker is Docker!

Playing docker with hypervisor container runtime runV

Table of contents: [TOC] The latest master branch of runV has already supported running as an runtime in docker. Since v1.11, docker introduced OCI contain runtime (runc) integration via containerd. Since runc and runV are both recommended implementation of OCI, it is natural to make runV working with containerd. Now let’s have a try. Install runv and docker Docker could be installed via https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/. Since only master branch of runV